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Bergen County Juvenile Fire Prevention Program Out On the Scene

The past two months have been very active for the Bergen County Juvenile Fire Prevention Program (BCJFPP) with fire prevention week in October, a number of community events, and ongoing fire safety trainings for youth and their families.

F2or over 25 years the BCJFPP has been providing education and Behavioral Health services for youth who are at-risk or have fire-setting behaviors. This has been made possible because of specially trained fire safety educators, many of which are firefighters, who work side by side with CarePlus mental health professionals.

Teresa Martino-Woods is a Licensed Associate Counselor and the BCJFPP Program Manager at CarePlus. While she handles a number of other responsibilities within the agency, the program has kept her very busy over the past few weeks as many people do not know that these type of services exist. Having Teresa along with Fire Safety Educators out in the community allows for the BCJFPP to reach more families that can benefit from the program.

Some of the events included:

  • Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute Expo
  • Rochelle Park Public Safety Open House
  • Educated 50 Fair Lawn students at the fire house
  • Educated 24 students at Hackensack High School
  • Bergen County Nurses Association meeting

The program has been receiving excellent feedback from parents. Here is a small sample of some of the comments left on the parent survey:IMG_0016

  • All of the information provided was very informative. [The Fire Safety Instructor] gave my son examples that pertained perfectly to the reason we were here.
  • [The Fire Safety Instructor’s] knowledge and ability to communicate was great; was able to make effective points and kept my son interested.
  • This was very helpful especially with helping my son understand unexpected outcomes when dealing with fire and fire safety.
  • It was a great educational experience and I would not change anything.
  • It was a very enlightening expression of fire and safety. I do appreciate the time [The Fire Safety Instructor] put in informing my son and family on fire safety. I recommend this program to all young adults.

The BCJFPP is always looking for more fire safety educators, as well as individuals and groups in need of training, so that the program can keep the community safe. To become an educator or make a referral please contact Teresa Martino-Woods at 201-797-2660 ext. 5641 or
More information can be found online at


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