What Does it Mean to Be a Fire Safety Volunteer?

Some Quotes from Our Educators:

“It is satisfying that I am  hopefully  able to help turn a kid’s life around and help the family.”

“Change a kid, change the world.”

“It is wonderful too affect the life of a child..The youth look up to you..I am able to make an impact on a child and his or her family…it is the greatness gift.”

“The mom was impressed with the fire safety education and she learned many things that she could use at home.”

Benefits to the Firefighter:

The benefits are the  personal satisfaction of educating a youth and his or her family about fire safety and it helps decrease fire setting incidents in the community.

Benefits to the Community:

The benefits are keeping the community safer, by stopping kids from setting fires again in the future.

The ability to help juvenile firesetters and their parents see the consequences of  fire setter’s actions such as: being involved with fire service,  law enforcement  and legal system,  being placed on probation,  or being placed at the Juvenile Detention Center.  Juvenile firesetters cause property damage to parks, playgrounds, homes and schools which is a big financial loss to the community.  Juvenile firesetters place themselves and others at risk for bodily injury.

Time Involved:

“Time is no issue.”  “Time flies by when you are working children and their parents.”  “It is time well spent.”

Key Outcomes:

The BCJFPP boasts a 98% non-recidivism rate and there is an increase in fire safety knowledge for both youth and their parents.

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